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What does it involve? 

Being a PrepBOSS, your main job is to sign up extremely qualified ambassadors who are in your social circles. You are a general advocate for PrepReps, and you help find us find brands that would be great fits on your campus!

So What? What do I get?

Aside from awesome shoutouts on this page, (coming soon) you will be compensated for every qualified ambassador you get to sign up, and will be fully outfitted with PrepReps swag.

Awesome, how do I sign up?

After filling out our normal rep application form, just fill out the form below!


Find the PrepBOSS on your campus!


Stuyvie Coleman

The Taft School

Gaden James

University of Pennsylvania

William Wiltshire

Episcopal HS

Juliana Clejan

The Hotchkiss School

Davis Colley


Ben Lebowitz


Bree Showalter


Gardner Howe

Lawrenceville School

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